Kumpulan Puisi Bahasa Inggris Hingga 2023

Dari tahun ketahun kegemaran orang membaca semakin berkurang. Jangankan kok menulis puisi untuk Bahasa Inggris dengan kata-kata kiasan. Membaca buku saku saja semakin berkurang. Walaupun ini dipengaruhi banyak faktor, tetap saja merupakan kemunduran. Oleh karena itu, kami berusaha untuk memberikan fasilitas melalui jalur penulisan puisi.

Kami telah menyusun kumpulan karya puisi tentang Bahasa Inggris yang merupakan kiriman para kontributor hingga tahun 2023.

Contoh-contoh puisi Bahasa Inggris

Makes you my 911
Cause you’re the only one
Put my arms around you
I know you need me too

Slowly dancing under the moonlight
Tells the stars what we like

Just >>…


I try to stop my thoughts
Say, “I need someone to hold.”
Could you cry for me
If I wasn’t in homie

Could you crying
If I’m dying
Wake up with >>…


in the end, I am still an ant
You would step on my chance
Turn on music and dance

show me your hand,
and I will lend you a bunch of >>…


My mother told me
We must have dreams
Because dreams give us meaning
In our life

When I was little
I really believe mom’s words
Like a magic spell
Give >>…

Inong Islamiyati

Youth is the most beautiful time
Time to find our identity
Love at school
Play and hang out with friend
Our youth

When the face starts to age
Bones getting >>…

Inong Islamiyati

Diksi Puisi Tentang Bahasa Inggris

Pemaknaan arti Bahasa Inggris berbentuk Puisi Bahasa Inggris telah menghasilkan karya Puisi 4 Bait berjudul "Youth" oleh Inong Islamiyati

The light is gone
Quiet and alone
There’s no one
Besides myself

My body is stiff
My tongue is dry
No one cares
Besides the little friend on the ground

No no >>…

Inong Islamiyati

It doesn’t even matter who you are,
Every moments you have been thru so far
It will make you understand someday
It’s your own life it depends on your >>…

G. Muliaari

A night without you it feels so cold
Noone but you that I need to hold
Add my life with a wonderful feelings
Special girl with a special things
Touch >>…

G. Muliaari
Kata-kata Bahasa Inggris Dalam Puisi

Simak :

“I lose myself”…..
“I lost myself”……
“I lose myself”…..
“I lost myself”……

“Again, Im still find my self
“Again, i want to be like you
“Perhaps it will be true
If >>…


A day without you is just like a year
Noone’s like you and I need you to be here
At my dreams with your beautiful face
Special girl in my >>…

G. Muliaari

I close my eyes
So then they told me about all the memories behind
All the traces of journey
And the sentence residue that sticks to the wind along with >>…


The ghosts above is trying to tell me
About what I did this afternoon
With all the memories that has resided
And everything written in between

Regret that already there
The >>…


Dear Lady
who wants to fall in love

stand up…

let them see
The crown of grace that you wear
The loyalty shawl that you sling

light up their faces
own by who >>…

Pungki purwito

We are different ages
We have different views
We like different people
We always have news

She made a decision
And now she has me
I give her a vision
Of >>…

Amanda R. Ray

When you cry when you smile
Even just for a while
when you sleep when you wake
Every move you make
We’ve been through all precious moments
Every hours, minutes, >>…

G. Muliaari

Tonight I write one of the saddest lines of my poem :

“O.. Longing who blows in the breeze.
Your inexistence perforated through desolation.
Spending time with you was too short.

Jayanto Halim Tjoa