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Puisi G. Muliaari

Puisi G. Muliaari bergambar di atas berjudul It is your life karya G. Muliaari

Kumpulan Puisi Dengan Tema G. Muliaari

It is your life

It doesn’t even matter who you are,
Every moments you have been thru so far
It will make you understand someday
It’s your own life it depends on your way

Always be sure with the positive thought
Remember all the things are given by god

G. Muliaari

My Yezkiel

When you cry when you smile
Even just for a while
when you sleep when you wake
Every move you make
We’ve been through all precious moments
Every hours, minutes, every seconds

You’re my star even so far
Shines within my heart

G. Muliaari

Anastasia II

A night without you it feels so cold
Noone but you that I need to hold
Add my life with a wonderful feelings
Special girl with a special things
Touch my heart and refresh my mind
Anytime anywhere you always make me fine

G. Muliaari


A day without you is just like a year
Noone’s like you and I need you to be here
At my dreams with your beautiful face
Special girl in my special heart space
Take me higher take me fly away
Above the stars we’re gonna...

G. Muliaari

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